Litany of You

I think of you in words
that don’t exist
I watch your eyes bend to joyous crescent moons when you laugh
I watch your body vibrate with each chord you write
I watch you fail & I see you lose faith in dreams
that have sunk like red kites into summer skies, snapped at the strings
I watch you look at me with eyes that ask for something more
I watch you stay torn & stuck in cobwebs
that form & drape along your bed frame
I watch you pretend to giggle up through city streets
I watch you stare blankly into night air,
wondering if it can sense your uncertainty
You don’t know that I can sense it: in your steps,
through the beers you drink, the way you fold your clothes,
& the way you stare at yourself in the mirror after you wash your face


About laurenfedorko

Aspiring writer. English teacher. Philosophy: know more about the world than you did yesterday and lessen the suffering of others.
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