Ode To His Feet

Long branched toes
That grip
The soil, or
The soles
Of the thick and
Chunky vans
In which you walk
Big stretched and
Jointed toes
That traverse
With a confidence
That’s seen
In the way
Your heels
Burrow down into
The muddiness
Of earth
The high arch of
Your foot
That elongates and
As the ball of
Your foot plants
I love
Your feet
The way the hair
Tousles and curls
At the top
Near your ankles
I love
The sleekness
And the veins
That peek through
Your white
Cloud-supple skin
I admire
Their fidgety
When you’re
Nervous or
I love
Your feet
Each individual toe
For they walked you                                                                                                    
Past me
On the summer day
Where we fell
In harmony
With each
Other’s minds


About laurenfedorko

Aspiring writer. English teacher. Philosophy: know more about the world than you did yesterday and lessen the suffering of others.
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