No More Clichés

(imitation poem of Octavio Paz)

skin like velvet
eyes brown: moist earth crust
after a storm
the lines of your face
are more beautiful than
pitch dripping and molding
to the body of a tree
delicate breath
strong arms
you hold the beauty
of a thousand
bringing light to the
damp, dark places
how many women have kneeled
before you,
their hearts in their palms?
how many Nerudas have written
odes to the soles of your feet?
to your addictive mouth
your majestic aura.
but today I won’t make one more cliché
and write this for you—:
no, no more clichés.
this is for the men
that like Orlando live
for their loves, carving
their hearts into the bark
of the sycamore
that hopes for battles:
battles for the love of unpeeled skin
battles for the passions triggered by
the rising moon and heavy sun
or battles to outlive the thick desire
to give in.
yes, to you men in a world of despair
to you, full moon in the cloudless skies
to you, fighter of an eternal war of loss
to you, man of my soul.
from now on, my eyes won’t cast upon the flawless
rather, they will look into the universe
and watch the waning and waxing moon
be born and re-born again,
and so, no more clichés.

About laurenfedorko

Aspiring writer. English teacher. Philosophy: know more about the world than you did yesterday and lessen the suffering of others.
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