the twenty-second of april (a birthday poem)

the earth works in odd ways
some days she gives us a bouquet of rhododendrons
others she gives us a sludgy mess of pitch
that drips
and drips
and drips
she still turns a full 360° on her axis daily
no matter what
managing to not soak up
the pain, or give a shit
about the bliss

she just keeps spinning

today, 26 years ago, I was born
and today in history
Tsjaikovsky completed “Swan Lake”
poison gas was used for the first time in WWI—
Sachenhausen was liberated at the tail end of WWII
America showed the world the first atomic bomb on network news
Earth Day was made an official holiday
a handful of men stole 3.3 million dollars
7,000 people were slaughtered
in stadium of Kibuye Rwanda

but I still take the time to
mark another year on my skin
26 is going to be different
26 is going to be beautiful

history repeats itself because
we never really remember
and forgetting is easier and
is done with an unconscious certainty

today is merely my birthday
another day closer to the day I’ll die
a day I won’t know until I accidentally
make eye contact with death
and he takes me in

but today I know my worth:
while throwing dirty pennies
into the fountain and
later into the river
I like that they will most likely stay untouched
in the cement bowl
I like that they will disappear
into the silt

like the rest of the world on every
April twenty-second
I am existing through
two opposing planes:
black // white
happy // sad
important // erased

today is a day
that won’t matter much
in comparison to all the others

because we’re all part of a bigger, spinning thing—:
we’re all connected
we’re all the same
and this is how we make it


About laurenfedorko

Aspiring writer. English teacher. Philosophy: know more about the world than you did yesterday and lessen the suffering of others.
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